Monday, February 9, 2009

Drive-In Theaters

When I was young I used to love going to the drive-in theater. We'd load up our pillows and blankets into car and head to the theater. Once there, us kids would go play on the swings while the parents would go load up on goodies from the concession stand. When the movie started we'd all rush back to the car and have our goodies while watching the movie. Then would come time for intermission and it would be a quick potty break and another quick trip to the playground before the second movie began.

Once my teenage years came around and I had a license, my best friend and our boyfriends would usually double date. I'll admit that not much movie watching was done at that time, we were too busy making out or doing whatever else us kids did back in the 80's. Unfortunately the 80's were a time of change and not many theaters stayed open after the 90's came around.

There are a few still open here and there, but there aren't any in my neck of the woods. To get to the nearest drive-in, we would have to drive about 3 hours away. I sure wish there were one around here though. What a perfect way to enjoy a cheap night out, especially with two kids. The price you pay to go to a cinema is so expensive, and to be able to go to a show and let the kids be kids without having to constantly hush them up would be wonderful...

This picture shown above is from am movie theater that I used to live by. I only went to this drive-in one time, but it was one of the bigger ones in the area. I took this photo several years ago, after the big screen, concession stand, and speaker stands had all been torn down and replaced by a gas station. The sign stood for quite some time before they finally took it down.

If you would like to see where the nearest drive-in still in operation is, you can check this website

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