Thursday, November 8, 2012

Time Goes By...

So, it's been a spell since I've had any time to blog.  It has just been a really busy time for me lately, but I should be back in the swing of things soon.

I was laid off from my job two weeks ago.  It's only temporary though.  I am considered a seasonal worker, so once the company reopens in March, I will be right back at it.  I really do look forward to my time off, as I have lots of housecleaning to do.  I've decided less is more and I've about had it up to my neck in clutter.  

My husband has taken an out of state job for two weeks.  He leaves this Sunday, so I have a plan.  I've asked my mother to come stay with me for a few days, while he is away, so that I can get her help with the housecleaning.  The first thing I am going to ask her to help me do is thin out the book room.  Sales have slowed considerably since I took on my job, so I have decided to be more selective on what I sell.  If I don't make at least a $5.00 profit per sale, I will not sell it.  Anything I have in inventory that is worth less is going in a box and I will have a HUGE book sale here at my house in the spring.  After that it will all go to donation.

Next on my agenda is to get my daughters room in order.  She really has a hard time letting go of things, and I have warned her before "if you don't thin out the toys and clothes, I'm going to do it for you".  She hasn't taken me seriously, so I think after next week, she may get the hint!

The next few days I will be researching organization tips.  We are so out of sorts around here, and I need to get my space clear, so my head can be clear too!

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