Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Meijer Gallery Wrapped Canvas Print

Not too long ago, I was given the chance to take part in a Bzz Campaign for the Meijer Gallery Wrapped Canvas Print.  Since I already shop at Meijer stores to begin with, and I am a huge photography buff,  I jumped at the chance to give this one a try.  I received a printable coupon for one, free 11X14 canvas print, valued at $39.99.

We live 45 minutes away from Meijer, but it's my favorite store to buy groceries at, so I make sure to go there as often as possible.  It was kind of a spur of the moment when we decided to make our bi-monthly stock up trip to Meijer, and I hadn't had a chance to decide which picture I was going to use for my canvas, so I just made sure to grab my coupon and my 8GB SD card (I grabbed that one because I know it is full and has lots of good pictures on it).

When we arrived at the store, I sent my husband and kids to get started on the grocery shopping while I went to order my canvas print.  The clerk at the store asked me if he could be of assistance, so I showed him my coupon, and he got me all set up at the photo kiosk.  It didn't take long for me to decide on the photo I was going to use.  Once I cropped it to size and made all of my selections, I completed the order.  

The clerk told me he had no other current orders to process, so he should have it all ready by the time we were done grocery shopping, which was a nice surprise, because I wasn't expecting it to be finished until the next day.  

I went ahead and helped the family finish up with our shopping and then returned to get my print.  It wasn't quite complete yet, so I waited nearby for about 10 more minutes until it was done.  I was so surprised and happy with the final product.  The print looked exactly like the photo, but being on the canvas, it made my photo look more like a finished work of art. 

I am really impressed, and I definitely plan on getting more of my photos made into works of art by getting them put on to the wrapped canvas prints.

Shown below is the canvas print I had made...

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