Monday, January 28, 2013

Sara's Cupcakes


For Christmas, we bought our daughter a mini-cupcake maker at K-Mart.  She loves watching Cupcake Wars and she is always helping when we do any baking.  The girl has a real love for baking and for 11 years old, she pretty darn good at it too.  So it seemed only natural that we get this for her.

The cupcake maker is very easy to use and comes with an aluminum box for storage, a carrier, and an icing tool with various tips. Here she is pouring in the batter.

A look at the cupcakes after baking and before icing.

Here she is putting the icing on the cupcakes.  For these she used Betty Crocker whipped vanilla icing.

And the final product after the final touch of crumbled Oreo cookies.  MMmm!

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