Tuesday, February 19, 2013

In Loving Memory...

In the middle of the night, she passed away.  We knew the time was coming, and we prayed she wouldn't suffer.  She had cancer and it was hard to watch her deteriorate.  

We were blessed to have had her as a part of our family for 7 years.  We adopted her after seeing an ad in the newspaper.  When we first saw her, she looked skinny and not well cared for.  We were skeptical at first, but we took her home and with a little love, she became a healthy vibrant dog.  She was a little shy and timid, but very faithful, and very loving.  She wasn't a licker, but she loved to place her paw on you to show her affection.

Cheyenne, we will miss you dearly, you were the best dog we have ever had. We will see you again someday sweetie, waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge.

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