Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Minor Procedure

Recently, Brenden, my 15 year old, had been complaining about an ingrown toenail.  We waited a couple of days to see if it would work itself out, but it just kept getting worse, so off to the doctor we went.

The doctor had suggested that Brenden could either go home and do an epsom salt treatment on it for several days, to help soften the skin and get the nail out from under the skin, or  he could just give Brenden a local anesthetic and cut the nail right there at the office.  Brenden was sick and tired of dealing with the pain, so he opted to get the procedure done with the doctor.  It took 8 shots of anesthetic before Brenden was numb enough to have it cut.

This is what his toe nail looked like before the procedure.  See the white part sticking out from the left side of his toe?  That was the "spur" that was causing him so much pain.  Gross huh?

The doctor made sure to let Brenden know for future reference, that from now on when cutting his toenail, cut straight across the nail, do not curve around it.  I swear I've told him that a million times, but did he ever listen?  Obviously not...

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